If you have come to this page you will surely ask yourself why is a guided tour of such quality free?

There are several factors that determine that the guided tour is free.

On the one hand we have voluntary donations from people who go to the free tour and that will go in accordance with the level of satisfaction of the participants in the tour.

We are so sure that you will love all the details of the tour that we let the will of the people be who put a price on the effort, training and service offered by our local professional guides of the history of Granada.

Another reason why the free tour is free is because of the sponsorships we receive from companies that can promote their services for tourists. Nobody is obligated to anything and the companies that we select for these sponsorships are quality companies.

The only obligation of our free tour is that people have fun and can discover the charms of a city as incredibly beautiful as Granada.

See you at Plaza Isabel La Católica to start a tour that you can undoubtedly tell your friends and family around the trip!